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Standing, sitting and kneeling sex positions

Sex in the standing position tends to be of the urgent and passionate kind. But besides the "quickie", standing sex can provide an interesting interlude in the bedroom between more conventional sex positions, and it can certainly be an exciting variation on the normal sexual routine for a couple.

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The standing sex position tends to be associated with intense desire, sexual urgency and short-lived sex. Even so, there are some things which may make it more enjoyable. The biggest problem, of course, is making sure that the sexual partners are the same height - or at least, that he is at the right height to slip his penis into her vagina easily. This can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds, and a couple may have to position themselves for sex by having one partner stand on something. The position in the photo on the left above is a tricky position to maintain for any length of time unless the woman supports herself on a bed or table. 

The first variation of standing sex is "rear entry sex in the standing position." This is a very intense experience for the man, presented with his partner's rear end. (Men are very turned on by visual stimuli in sex, and since women's buttocks are a powerful visual sexual signal, this sex position tends to be one of the most exciting of all.) For the woman, the excitement can be in allowing herself to express her sexual wildness, her sexual wantonness. Her excitement often comes not only from being sexually aroused, but also from  the sense of breaking taboos and using the more unconventional, "wild" positions during sex. Whatever one thinks of the social traditions that have historically expected women to be demure and restrained around sex, the fact remains that for many women, expressing themselves in such an overtly sexual way is a very arousing and sexually exciting thing to do! 

sex positions and sexual techniques and positions sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

Once he has penetrated her, the couple do have some freedom to kiss and move. However, one factor that may restrict this is the size of his penis - the shorter it is, the more limited the amount the couple can move in the rear entry sex position. For one thing, his penis may slip out of her, and although he can easily reinsert it into her, this disrupts the flow of the sex. Similarly, her ability to turn and kiss him in this position is limited somewhat by the length of his penis. Thus if he is not so well-endowed, the couple may wish to enjoy rear entry standing sex as shown in the photo on the left below. 

Having said that, this position allows very deep penetration, so for men with a small penis (as well as all other men!) there can be a lot of added enjoyment. This is true both in the standing position and the kneeling variation of this sex position (see the photo on right below). In the photo on the right, the woman is not only presenting herself in a way that gives a real sense of her sexual power, but she is also enjoying the sensation of being "taken" by her man. Whether or not this turns a woman on will vary from woman to woman, of course, but a little gentle hair-pulling can add extra spice to the sexual dish if it's acceptable to both partners.

sex positions and sexual techniques and positions sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

When the woman alters the angle of her body, as shown in the photos below, the muscles of her vagina will be under different degrees of tension or relaxation, and she will get different sensations on the sensitive spots of her vagina. A couple may find it worthwhile experimenting with this and seeing what feels good for them, since the pleasure is determined by not only the tightness and angle of her vagina, but also by the size and shape of his penis.

sex positions and sexual techniques and positions sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

An interesting variation is for the man to stand while his partner kneels - this can often help to make penetration easier when the two partners are different heights. Certainly they can position themselves so that he can have easy entry to her vagina.

sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

There are many sex positions a couple can move into when they start from the basic man on top, woman on top, and rear entry sex positions.

For example, in the interesting position the couple on the left are enjoying, he will be able to get deeper penetration of her vagina and enjoy more powerful thrusting. Such exciting sexual positions tend to make a man ejaculate more rapidly: if you would like to look at a program for how to delay ejaculation, click on the link.

sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

Of course the categories of man on top, woman on top, and rear entry sex positions blur into each other. On the photo on the left it's clear that the male partner is kneeling, but his partner is sitting on his penis - so does this mean that it is actually a sitting sex position?

Of course, it doesn't really matter, for in the end any naming convention is arbitrary. There's more information on premature ejaculation control here, too, which you may find useful if you are a man with difficulty in this area.

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sex positions and sexual techniques and positions

In this photo, the man has adopted a position on his knees for the man on top sex position. This is likely to give him a greater sense of dominance and it will allow him to thrust with greater force, all of which may enhance the pleasure of his orgasm and the power of his ejaculation.

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This is a more conventional but still probably fairly uncommon position for sex. The woman may rest on her partner as he sits on a chair or the bed, giving her more control over the pace of sex and even the timing of his orgasm. Sitting sex tends to have a slower pace than any other kind of sex, because the ability of the couple to thrust is very restricted.

The best way of introducing movement into sex in this position is for the woman to move on her partner. She may need some stamina to do so for any length of time, so it is probably best to move for a few minutes at a time with periods of rest in between.

While the couple is resting, they can kiss and cuddle, adding intimacy to their sexual connection and bonding emotionally. There are many other unconventional sex tips and tricks here.

One advantage is that sitting sex can be enjoyed wherever and whenever a couple happen to be in the mood for sex. If they don't have a chair handy, they can sit cross legged on the floor with the woman resting on the man's lap as his erect penis remains in her vagina.

The fastest sex of all tends to be standing sex, which is associated with the urgent desire. But despite the excitement, the satisfaction a couple derive from standing sex is much more likely to be the physical pleasure of sex rather than the emotional pleasure.


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