You will have observed that many of the techniques that we talk about on this website which have a focus on improving the quality of your life rely on mental programming – self mind control, as it were.

Self mind control is a term that came into popularity in the 1960s with José Silva, and his famous Silva Mind Control courses, which were in some ways the then-most-up-to-date material derived from books like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Wallace Wattles’ The Science Of Getting Rich.

But as time has gone by, Jose Silva’s work has looked less and less like a modern program, and more and more like some hangover from the unsophisticated 1960s where anything went (and went often for very good reasons!)

True, there is much of value in José Silva’s material even now, including the emphasis on how different brain frequencies can be used to help achieve transformation.

And there is no doubt that his emphasis on relaxation is also extremely valuable, because relaxation is a counterpoint to stress, which is now literally becoming one of the biggest killers in the Western world.

But the overall context presentation in which the material is now presented looks terribly old-fashioned, indeed one might say archaic.

Laura Silva, his daughter, has attempted to bring it up-to-date and put a more modern slant on it, but the truth of the matter is that there is much better presentation of the same sort of material elsewhere on the web these days.

You see, you could see Silva Mind Control as basically being about manifestation, whether that be manifestation of greater abundance and prosperity, better jobs, better relationships, higher levels of self-confidence and self-respect, or the reduction of anxiety.

In reality, much of José Silva’s work depended on self hypnosis, so one way to avoid the archaic context material that you have to put up with if you buy José Silva’s program is to leap straight to some material on NLP or self hypnosis, which will give you the same sort of benefits but in a much more modern form.

Another way to deal with this difficulty is to get some decent information on manifestation and the law of attraction, which I think is my most highly recommended strategy.

The same processes you can use to manifest abundance and wealth can be used manifest better relationships, a better job, better self-respect, more confidence and prosperity. I’d say you can take control of your life easily using the techniques of manifestation.

In fact, manifestation using the Law of Attraction really is an unlimited technique.

Some of you who’ve been accustomed to using self-development programs in the past will recognize some of the techniques, for sure: visualization, self hypnosis, and hypnotic programming.

But where visualization in the spirit of manifestation differs from other concepts is it really does allow you to take control of your life at a very fundamental level of ownership.

Many of the victims who complain endlessly about their impoverished situation in life haven’t ever learned the power of self-psycholgy. For example, by psychologically moving between the different parts of themselves, healing becomes possible.

For example you can literally hold the inner child as you soothe its wounds and discomforts. This is psychologically healthier than – let’s say, to take one example – soothign with alcohol, drugs, food or chocolate.

When you break free from the constraints of automatic behavioural reflexes like those, you do indeed become an empowered individual whose capacity to live an independent and fully formed life is much greater and much more holistic.

It’s an obvious question, but given that choice, one wonders why anybody in their right mind would not take up these effective self development techniques.

But at the same time anyone has worked in the field of human psychology or therapy will know only too well that no matter how attractive the theory might be, the reality is almost certainly different for the majority of people.

No matter how powerful a self-development program might be (and I’m thinking of Anthony Robbins programs here, which are attended by tens of thousands of people), the reality is that very few will go home and do anything different to what they did before they arrived on their self-development program.

So what is needed is the most effective technique which people can use for themselves, at home, in private.

And it turns out, without much doubt, that this is the process of manifestation using the techniques of goalsetting, empowered development of self belief, emotional self-empowerment (which is in itself a form of NLP of course), and above all, taking action steps in the world to bring about change and manifest reality in a better way.

At the end of the day using therapies or strategies like these is a personal choice, and you might not find it very interesting.

But what price living a banal life, achieving none of the dreams and goals and desires you’ve carried since childhood?

Or, worse, as Eric Berne put it, simply going through life as a loser, rather than a winner?

If you’re shaken to the core by the thought of that, then you might want to look at the website on manifestation to which I have linked above. This will help you overcome all of your doubts and manifest your own reality, allowing you, for perhaps the first time in your life, to take control and really determine what happens to you in the future.