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Sex Techniques In Missionary Position (aka Man On Top)

He says:

The higher a woman raises her legs, the deeper the penetration. But if you’re a man who’s particularly well-endowed, do take care to ensure that you don’t accidentally bang your penis against your partner’s cervix; this can be very uncomfortable for her.

She says:

I don’t think you are really able to judge as a guy whether you may be touching her cervix and whether that’s uncomfortable for her.

Yes, it would probably be uncomfortable for some, maybe most, women if that happened, but then again some really like it.

It also depends how physiologically turned on her body is, because her uterus will contract and move out of the way if she is.

And I guess we’d have to have a discussion about what “well-endowed” really means.

All I can say is: guys, don’t try and mind-read, leave it to her to shift into a more comfortable position if you happen to touch her cervix during penetration.

One tilt of her hips and your thrusts will be directed towards a different area of her vagina.

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He says:

If the man sits upright a couple can kiss and hold each other in a close embrace. It’s also possible for them to physically move his partner on his penis, and this can give them both extra pleasure.

As we said above, when a man kneels in front of his partner they can both touch her clitoris, which gives her as well as him a good chance of reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse. Does this have to be a simultaneous orgasm?

No, of course not. In fact, it’s usually easier for the couple to bring the woman to orgasm first with clitoral play and for her man to follow on.

For although much has been said about simultaneous orgasm, trying to co-ordinate your lovemaking so you both reach orgasm at the same time can take you away from the sheer physical pleasure of the sex and start you thinking too much about what’s happening.

She says:

Yeah, let’s just forget about this whole simultaneous orgasm myth. Trying to co-ordinate that could put anybody off sex!

He says:

But even so, if you do come together, it can be a wonderful experience. A good way of getting there is for a couple to time his thrusts so that he reaches orgasm at the same time as his partner.

They can do this if either he or she plays with her clitoris until she’s on the edge of orgasm. At the same time the man can slow down his thrusting until she begins to come.

With a few hard thrusts she may tip over the edge into orgasm, and the contractions of her vaginal and pelvic muscles are very likely to send him over the edge so they enjoy a more-or-less simultaneous orgasm.

She says:

I see you do intend to work hard at this simultaneous orgasm thing! Feel free to let it all go, which makes sex much simpler and less performance-orientated for both people involved.

He says:

One disadvantage of sex in the man on top position is that the woman’s freedom to move her pelvis is somewhat limited.

Certainly the powerful thrusts she can make during, say, rear entry sex, are not possible when she’s lying on her back, especially if her man is lying full length on top of her.

Nonetheless, the extensive skin to skin contact, the fact that she can caress her man’s back, chest, balls and buttocks, while he can kiss her, play with her breasts and touch her clitoris, all add hugely to the pleasure of man on top sex.

The sensations that each partner feels in this position depend to a large extent on the tightness of the woman’s vagina.

Most women enjoy man on top sex with their legs rather wide apart – after all, that makes penetration easy and the man can lie between them.

But it’s also possible for a woman to keep her legs closer together, and in fact you may find you both prefer the sex if she does so. This usually tightens the vagina, and so increases the intensity of the sensations for both partners.

Unfortunately the increased sensations and the increased pressure on a man’s penis may make him ejaculate quite quickly.

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She says:

Still seems a good idea for most women to increase the pressure and with it the intensity of sensations she feels in her vagina by closing her legs.

It could be a good combination for her to have her legs closed to increase intensity, and for him to thrust very slowly or not at all.

A woman can then experiment with contracting her vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to squeeze the man’s penis gently. Some women are said to be able to bring their lovers to orgasm just by doing that.

While I’m sure that’s true, it may take a very dedicated woman to exercise her pelvic floor  muscles to the point where they are strong enough for her to be able to do that. If you want to try have a look at Kegel exercises.

He says:

Another interesting variation is the “upside down man on top” sex position – a kind of rear entry while lying down.

This can be very pleasurable for the man, who has a gorgeous view of his partner’s buttocks, but unless the woman can play with her clitoris as they make love, it may be unfulfilling for her – unless she enjoys the sensation of her man lying on top of her!

She says:

One benefit of this position is that she has both hands free and she can do whatever she enjoys with them.

He says:

There are times in every sexual relationship when a man will want to take a slightly more passive role rather than being the one to lead and initiate. Woman on top sex, which we look at next, is a great way for a woman to be more dominant during a couple’s lovemaking.

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Man on top sex summarized

Well, this is the basic bread and butter of sex. It’s easy, romantic and can be satisfying for both partners. The pros and cons:


He says:

It allows full body contact, the partners can look into each other’s eyes and kiss, and the man can thrust deeply into his partner – which is a very fulfilling feeling for most men.

And with slight variations of position, the angle of his penis in her vagina will change, so that both he and she can get many different feelings from the same basic position.

It can also be fulfilling for a man to feel he is in the dominant position during lovemaking. (And of course his partner may like the feeling of being penetrated by her man while he is in the dominant position.)

It’s certainly a very romantic and loving position, with the possibility of eye contact and full body contact. Both partners can feel very connected and intimate.

Man on top sex offers the opportunity for kissing, intimacy, and either vigorous or gentle sex. It’s rewarding for both partners, and if you move your hips in a slightly different way you can enjoy new and exciting sensations. As the woman raises her legs, the angle of penetration changes, and so does the tightness of her vagina.

She says:

Sexy and relaxing for women. Full body and eye contact can feel romantic and intimate. She has a chance to look at him and enjoy the views.


He says:

The woman may not be able to move her hips as much as in other positions, which may mean she cannot thrust as she would like to.

And because it’s generally not a good idea to squash your partner while you’re making love, the man has to hold his weight on his elbows or hands.

This can be tiring and produce some muscle strain. In turn, the fact that the man is not as relaxed as he might be tends to make him ejaculate prematurely.

So, for that matter, do the deep thrusts he can make. It isn’t, therefore, the best position for premature ejaculators.

And women sometimes find it difficult to reach orgasm in the missionary, either because their clitoris doesn’t get enough stimulation or because her lover comes before she’s had enough vaginal thrusting to produce an orgasm.

Perhaps the only major disadvantage of man on top sex is the need for the man to support his weight, since this can be tiring on his arms.

She says:

Not much room to move or be active. His thrusts are directed towards the more insensitive parts of her sexual anatomy (vaginal floor and deep interior).

Constant eye contact can feel overwhelming.

Men might take too much responsibility for sex in this position rather than getting their lovers involved and active. Apart from sex-as-a-nightcap, it can be rather boring.

Let’s remember that good health is essential for good sex. What this means in practical terms is that if you have any physical ailments such as being overweight, you need to get help to alleviate the symptoms as soon as possible.

Here, for example, is some dieting advice for men and women whose sex life is inhibited by physical problems such as obesity.

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