The KegelMaster Reviewed

Personal Review of the Kegelmaster 

For over 16 years, the Kegelmaster 2000 has been and still is the first and foremost doctor recommended, most effective Kegel Exercise machine for women.

Day 1: The package arrived today. The Kegelmaster comes with some additional leaflets and the DVD.

The leaflets all make sense, although reading too much about urinary stress incontinence doesn’t make getting older any more interesting to me.

Hopefully, my Kegelmaster will solve such problems as stress incontinence for me before they even consider turning up in my life.

The Kegelmaster itself is about the size of a vibrator in non-threatening pastel colors.

The whole thing consists of two plastic halves, which open up to let one insert individual springs across to adjust resistance. Once I realized how the springs need to go in, the design seems really simple and intuitive.

Watching the DVD, is also very detailed and covers the content of the leaflet which came with the Kegelmaster.

What I hadn’t considered before was that you do the exercises lying on your back, which will mean having some privacy in bed or on the couch for a little while.

The DVD stresses the importance of using the Kegelmaster every day, which I can fully understand, but it gets me thinking of where and when to fit the exercises into my rather variable days.

First day: I know I need to start today, but I am still procrastinating. So many other things suddenly need doing!

Finally, I take my Kegelmaster out of the box and get ready. There are some last minute insecurities about privacy. Actually, yes I do want to try this by myself first and would feel rather embarrassed if someone else walked into the room.

Once I have everything ready, lubricant applied and ready to go, I start wondering whether the Kegelmaster really needed to be that big.

Memories of less than pleasant gynecological examinations come to mind. But of course it fits just nicely and the plastic doesn’t feel cold either. Then I start with the squeezing.

Nothing much happens. I am starting to wonder how complicated it will be after all. I adjust the spring to a position higher up the resistance scale. I squeeze again.

Success! I can feel it move, plus looking forward I can see the gap between the two parts of the Kegelmaster decrease when I squeeze.

It’s working! I do my best to squeeze and hold and then really let go. The muscles in my legs seem to be working a bit too, and I get the sense that it may take a while to do it just right.

However, the tricky part seems to be over, and doing the exercises is actually quite OK. Maybe put some nice music on next time.

Afterwards I think that wasn’t so tricky after all. My muscles don’t feel any different yet, although I can feel them glowing warmly afterwards.

However, my mind is certainly racing ahead: I bet it’s going to be just amazing what one can do with those muscles once you can do this with two springs in the machine.

Day 8: The Kegelmaster is certainly working, but I seem to struggle to make the time for it. I started on my period and it took an extra effort not get put off by the extra body fluids.

The exercises themselves don’t feel any different and the Kegelmaster is designed to cope with all sorts of body fluids, so no worries there. The exercises themselves are getting easier – no doubt about it. (Note – to improve the quality of female orgasm, or help your partner learn how to make a woman come, try the kegelmaster!)

What I have also realized is that women have an enormous advantage here over men. I mean, just imagine: if men could train a set of muscles to give them hard erections each and every time, surely pretty much all men would go for it?

Unfortunately for them, evolution didn’t quite work this way. However, we women do have the option of exercising a set of muscles which are under our voluntary control and which can increase our sexual enjoyment. Why aren’t we all Kegeling?

Approx day 11: Where do I start? First off, I have moved the resistance up a peg. I can really feel how my muscles are doing the crunching much more easily now.

It certainly gives me confidence in the whole training approach – it works just like with any other type of muscle. What I really didn’t expect is how somehow my subconscious has started to conceptualize my vagina as active and powerful.

OK, I knew this before, at least in my head, but this feels different. It’s as if that part of my body has just woken up and is now claiming some space in my felt awareness. I am re-considering what it means to me to be a sexual female. Certainly my vagina seems to be developing some ideas of her own here!

The Kegeling approach also seems to have had a knock-on effect on my other half. He has gone from his usual level of “very keen” to “very, very, definitely, unmistakably keen”!

I feel very flattered, slightly bewildered and rather responsive. When I asked him whether it felt different to him he just gave me a coquettish “maybe”‘. I am starting to consider buying my mum a Kegelmaster.

1 month: You are going to ask me now whether I’ll hang on to my Kegelmaster or not. You bet I will! Although it’s not always been easy to fit the exercises in, they’re really working in a whole lot of ways I didn’t expect.

The effects of the Kegelmaster seem really systemic, i.e. not just noticeable in my pelvic region. I seem to be having plenty of erotic dreams and seem to be experiencing an increased sense of desire generally. The exercises leave a very nice, warm afterglow in the muscles each time.

Really tuning into my pelvis at this point brings all sorts of interesting ideas into my head.

Additionally, now I wholeheartedly agree with the claim that the exercises increase blood flow to the area whilst in action.

The resulting sensations are certainly worthwhile 10 minutes of dedication per day. All women DO need a Kegelmaster, but you certainly can’t have mine!