The Tao Of Badass

How You Can Get Confident With Women, Enjoy Alpha Male Seduction Skills, And Become The Man They All Want To Date (And Have Sex With….) 

Tao Of Badass Reviewed

I hate the term Alpha Male, but I will admit that some guys have really “got it” when it comes to dating and seducing women.

The thing is, though, these guys are no more “alpha males” than you or me.

The truth is – if you use the techniques that these guys employ to seduce women, or get a date, or keep a relationship going, then you can be just as successful with women as any so-called alpha male.

You see, success with women isn’t about money, intelligence, charm, or having a big dick. It’s about confidence, openness, and respect. And did I mention being comfortable in your own masculinity?

I’ve studied the antics of the so-called “pickup artists”, the “seduction community”, call them what you will, for years now, to see if I could incorporate anything that they teach in my websites (such as this one. And for another).

I discovered that these guys are actually quite ordinary; there’s nothing special about them, they just happen to know some stuff that you don’t. Stuff they got from the Tao Of Badass eBook, or a free download, most likely.

The problem is, all the other guys who want to be successful with women see the dates they get, the sex they get, and their ability to walk into a bar and pick up a woman, and then think “Wow, those guys are really special.”

What would you say if I told you it’s just as easy for you to do all that stuff as it is for the pickup artists?

Well, it is. And The Tao of Badass will reveal how.
For a while now, these guys have kept their techniques secret, so they can play at being Alpha males, at being special, at giving the impression they know something we don’t.

But now the truth is out!

Joshua Pellicer, one of the original pickup artists, has revealed all the techniques and secrets that can make every man (you included) successful with women in his exciting new program “Tao of Badass”.

In this review, I’m going to reveal all the things in Badass which will make you just as successful with women as any other guy on this planet.

Just think about that: you – yes, YOU – can be as successful with women as any other guy on this planet.

A big claim? Maybe, maybe not. Truth is, Badass is a program that can make you successful with women, whether it’s a date you want, a relationship you want, sex you want, or some combination of all three. Here’s how.

Tao of Badass Review

Most reviews on the Internet, as you’ve probably seen, are just sales pitches. I do things differently. I tell you what’s in the program, give you some guidance, and then leave you to decide whether you want to buy it or not.

I mean, if you’re wise enough to know that you need some guidance in getting the girls, then you’re wise enough to decide for yourself whether The Tao is what will help you.

So the question is: What’s In Badass?

Well first of all, let’s get this “Badass” thing out of the way. I don’t know what the author, Joshua Pellicer, means by Badass, but when I looked the word up in the dictionary, I discovered it says “A male who does things perceived by the world as cool or awesome. ‘Badass’ can also be used as an adjective”.

So you wanna be a guy with attitude, who can do things skillfully with women? Yes, I guess most  guys would think that was awesome, especially if they happen to be sitting on the sidelines in a bar watching YOU pick up all the girls!

Before you try this, though, you might want to read The Tao Of Badass eBook. Packed with techniques that will allow you to approach any woman with confidence, “secret” techniques that will make a woman really interested in you, and essential skills of rapport-building, to make a woman feel immediately attracted to you, Badass is the difference between success and failure. No joke.

You’re going to discover techniques to build rapport with women. To do this, of course you’ll need to know what women want, and you’ll need to know how to talk to them in a way that gets them and keeps them interested, and perhaps even turns them on.

Whoa there boy! That sounds like a heck of a learning program….. have no fear, though. My review is based on two things: first, I bought the program to read it, so I could see what’s in it; second, I tried the techniques out for myself. So I know what I’m talking about.

You see, the thing is, most guys don’t have much confidence around women, because they never learned how to “be” around women.

How to talk around women. How to behave around women. I mean, we all know men and women are different, right? So a guy has to do things differently with women to the way he does them with his male buddies.

(Treating a woman like she was your male buddy really would be a bit of Badass thing to do…  that’s a joke. I hope you realized that. otherwise you might need to buy this program immediately!)

And you never learned anything about dealing with women from your father, I am 100% sure of that. Well, he didn’t know anything about being a Badass either.

As I once read on the Internet (memorable quote time): you can’t go back to the beginning and make a brand-new start… but you can start from here and make a brand-new ending.

And the Tao of Badass is one of the things can show you how to make a new start with women, by showing you all the things you need to know.
Let’s just recap what those are:

  • The importance of gender roles, in other words, knowing how to be a man. And that doesn’t mean some stupid John Wayne macho thing. If you know who he was, great. If not, think of a swaggering, aggressive buffoon of a man who knows nothing about what women really want. That’s to be treated with respect, by a real man.

  • How to establish rapport with a woman

  • How to make a woman feel safe so she can trust you (and you know where that goes, don’t you?)

  • How to be extremely confident about yourself

  • How not be fazed by a woman’s emotionality

  • How to be emotionally strong

  • How to have great rapport and be strong, both emotionally and spiritually, around women

  • How to be tolerant but assertive and set firm, clear boundaries

None of this is this that “new man” crap. In fact, women tend not to like “new men” because they see them as wimps.

And the reason they see them as wimps, apart from the fact that they are wimps, is because “new men” are so busy trying to please a woman that they lose their own sense of self.

Confused yet? Excited? Ready to go? I guess you might just need the eBook from the Tao of Badass.

 If you understand what I’m saying, then you might be wondering where you get these techniques and skills from. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is you read my review, and then you buy the Tao of Badass.

That’s because Badass breaks all these skills down into tiny little steps; you can pick these up in no time at all, one by one. And every time you do something different, women will look at you with new interest.

Two key factors here are body language and communication.

The Tao will show you all you need to know about the right body language around women, and the right way to talk. It’s not difficult: it just has to be a certain way.

The interesting thing is that no matter what you want, whether it’s a date, a relationship or lots of screwing around, it’s basically the same techniques that will get you there.

That’s because once you’ve attracted a woman and penetrated her mind, when you’ve made her think you’re a good guy, that it’s worth spending time with you, she’s pretty much willing to do just what you want.

Overwhelmed yet? Well, don’t be. The Tao doesn’t just increase your confidence by giving you the skills to approach women, talk to them and be natural with them. It does a whole lot more besides:

  • it shows you what women want from a man, and how to give her those things
  • it tells you how to behave around women so that they find you attractive
  • it reveals how to read the stages of a relationship and what you should do in each of the stages
  • it explains how to read the clues that woman is giving out about how she feels, and what to do if you think her interest level is dropping, to take it right back up to 100%
  • it tells you how to get out of the “friend zone” (“Why don’t we just be friends?”) and into the sex zone
  • it reveals how to deepen a relationship
  • it shows you how to give a woman what she wants, even if it looks like she doesn’t know what that is
  • it reveals how to deal with the ways she’ll “test” you, revealing what those “tests” look like, and what you need to do in response
  • it reveals the secrets of body language, both hers and yours
  • it explains what her body language means and how you can change her feelings using secret communication
  • it teaches you how to communicate on every level in a relaxed, natural way.

And when you know all of that, then you really are living a life according to the Tao of Badass.

I’ve written a much more detailed review which you can find right here. But if this page has said enough, go look at The Tao of Badass sales page immediately.

Bearing in mind you can get your money back 60 days if you don’t like the program, you really haven’t got a single thing to lose….. but you might just have a whole load of sex, fun, intimacy and love with a woman to gain.

Read more about the program here.