Sex Positions – Woman On Top – 1

Main points about woman on top sex

    • Woman on top can vary from very sexy to romantic depending on how much she leans on him.
    • Needs some practice from a woman to feel confident about being so visible and going for what she wants.
    • Men need to be able to relax and go with the flow.
    • Take your time to explore different positions, pacing and movements. This position will grow on you as you spend time playing with it.

He says:

There are times in every relationship when the woman wants to take the lead during sex, times when she wants to be the dominant and assertive partner.

Woman on top sex allows her to do this, as well as letting her control the depth, speed, and rhythm of thrusting. Woman on top sex positions also offer many good opportunities for G-spot stimulation and clitoral play.

What this means in practice is that a woman can control sex so she gets the stimulation to her clitoris and/or G-spot that she needs to reach orgasm.

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She says:

Woman on top can certainly be good fun for both partners. Woman on top requires the woman to feel confident about her body, which may not come easily to many women.

While she is on top her body is in full view of the man and she needs to feel comfortable or excited about that.

On the plus side, woman on top allows her to control the pace of intercourse and direct the movements to suit her needs. Additionally, it leaves her hands free to add stimulation for herself or her man.

He says:

Woman on top sex can be truly empowering for a woman, especially if she’s been a bit inhibited in expressing her sexuality earlier in life, as few men have a problem with their partner taking the dominant role during sex.

For such men, learning to relax and accept that they do not have to be in charge at all times can make the experience of sex in this position much more enjoyable.

There are many variations of the woman on top theme. When she’s on top during intercourse, a woman can lean backwards or forwards, alter the angle of penetration so she enjoys the maximum pleasure, and play with her clitoris.

She can also move her hips in a circular pattern to stimulate the most sensitive parts of her vagina. She may either face away from or towards her partner, and she may squat or kneel over him as she takes his penis inside her.

And, if her man sits upright, a couple can kiss and hold each other in a close embrace.

The pleasure that these positions provide varies with the angle and depth of penile penetration, which will be different for each couple: a certain amount of experimentation will let you discover what feels best for you. 

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She says:

For me there are two sets of woman on top positions.

Either she sits on him with her body staying straight, which means the main contact area between her body and that of her lover are the hips and genitals, or she lies on top of him with the whole of their bodies touching.

There are some in-between stages too and many variations on each theme. However, if she sits straight on top of him she will (a) have less other physical contact with him, which she may experience as distant or disconnecting from her lover, (b) be in full view of him and need to feel good about her body (mostly her boobs and belly), and (c) only be able to move her hips forwards and upwards (pretty hard on her abdominals): to thrust more strongly she needs to lift her weight off him and support herself with her arms (also hard work).

On the plus side, if a woman has experimented enough to know what and where she really likes it and feels confident in taking it, this position gives her full access to her own body (and his) and full control over what to do with it.

If she lies on top of him, she will not have to support her full weight all the time and may be able to thrust more vigorously.

She also doesn’t have to feel exposed to his gaze, and has more full-on body contact as well as stimulation through her genital area. In this position his arms will be able to reach more of her body, such as her back, neck, arms and hands and face, and he can be more active in touching her.

Your faces will be closer together and for all short-sighted people it might be a real bonus to be able to see your partner’s expression clearly.

However, you also lose quite a bit of the sexiness and room to move when she lies on top of him.

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He says:

Most often, woman on top sex starts with the woman facing the man as shown below.

Starting from this position, it’s possible to make all kinds of shifts into other positions as we show you below.

These changes, some subtle, some not-so-subtle, will produce different pressures and sensations on your penis and vagina for each partner; with a bit of experimentation you’ll be able to find the positions that give you both the greatest pleasure.

He says:

It’s hard to describe what you’ll feel when you try all these variations, because the exact sensations you’ll get depend on the angles, sizes and shapes of your erect penis and vagina.

It’s probably true to say, however, that when the woman is facing the man, the further back she leans, the greater the pressure on her G-spot.

Another generalization: if a man’s erection is hard and upright, pointing naturally upwards when he stands up, he’s going to be more comfortable the further forward she leans, perhaps even to the point where he likes it best if she’s lying along his chest, because the further forward she leans, the more the angle of his penis will naturally fit her vagina.

Even so, if the woman leans backwards, her partner can enjoy the sight of her body as she abandons herself to her sexual pleasure.

She says:

My only addition to the pictures above: they may look good, but they are obviously static. In some of the above positions anything more than gentle movement might be quite hard to achieve as the positions of the partners’ bodies prohibits free movement.

He says:

In the end, though, there’s no better way of finding out what you like most than by trying all these sex positions out.

For example, for a loving, slow, gentle, and intimate experience of sex, a woman can lie along her man as in the picture.

In this position, a couple can move just enough to keep his erection hard, while enjoying the feeling of sexual and emotional energy flowing between them. That energy can be used to find a better relationship – and indeed, the energy of manifestation can be used in many different ways to attract whatever you want to have in your life.

She says:

I agree here with the general idea of experimentation. Take your time to explore different positions, pacing and movements. This position will grow on you as you spend time playing with it.

He says:

Alternatively, a woman can sit up and take a really dominant role in lovemaking, one in which she moves with vigor and passion in the ways that give her most pleasure, fully expressing the extent of her arousal and feminine sexuality!

Such woman on top sex positions lovemaking can be very empowering for a woman.

Even now, there’s still a widespread belief that somehow men “should” lead during sex.

But if a woman is sexually confident and can enjoy taking a more assertive role in sex, she may prefer to sit up and ride her partner’s penis rather than lying along his body – and having sex in this position can be highly exciting for them both!

She says:

It’s about time women felt confident and competent about their sexuality.

However, this may also entail saying “no” to certain positions or taking your time finding out how you enjoy each one best. Don’t feel like you have to turn into a man-eating lioness, but on the other hand, if you feel very passionate just go with it.

The only additional drawback here is that the woman needs to have her legs open to ride on him. This will allow for less pressure on her vagina compared to her being able to keep her legs closed.

However, her clitoris is within easy reach of both partners in this position.

If you want to look into strengthening your vaginal muscles to increase the voluntary pressure you can assert, check out Kegel exercises.


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