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He says:

On the other hand, if you’re a woman you may feel a bit shy or embarrassed about being on top and being so visible to your partner.

You may, perhaps, have some worries about the appearance of your body, especially when he can see it so well during your lovemaking.

By the way, it’s almost certain that he won’t feel the same way, since men rarely have such a critical view of your partner’s body as you may have!

But the real answer lies, as always, in open communication, in telling him how you feel and why something makes you shy.

If you’re a man, and your partner confides in you like this, you can hopefully respect what she says and respond with loving care, support and reassurance.

She says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if women feel about their breasts what men feel about the size of their penis!

And for all guys who read this: let your lover know how much her personal, special and unique body turns you on! It’s easier to let go of shyness if you get a sense of how much your lover desires you.

He says:

When a woman faces her partner in the woman on top position, he can enjoy the sight of her breasts or he can hold them as they make love. He can caress her back or enjoy feeling her buttocks.

And to add an extra dimension to their sex, the woman can experiment with different hip movements, perhaps switching between riding his penis and rotating her hips in a circular pattern.

When she’s on top, a woman has complete control of the rhythm and pace of sex.

By moving more slowly she can keep her partner from reaching his orgasm too quickly.

When she feels her partner getting near his orgasm, she can slow down or stop moving until his arousal has decreased sufficiently for her to resume thrusting.

In fact, with skill and experience, she may be able to prolong his sexual pleasure until she’s had her own orgasm.

For her, the ability to move in the way that gives her most stimulation and that she finds most pleasurable can allow her to enjoy orgasm during lovemaking, or extend the sex until she is satisfied.

She can, in this position, take as much time and sexual pleasure for herself as she wishes, while still giving her partner pleasure.

She may want to move so that her clitoris is pressed against her partner’s body, or so that his penis presses into her G-spot.

She may wish her partner to stimulate her clitoris, or she may choose to play with it herself. All in all, woman on top is the lovemaking position most likely to lead to orgasm for her.

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She says:

Men need to give their partners time to explore this position.

This requires men to do whatever they need to do to stay interested and “in the moment” so that they don’t lose their erection, even if your lover doesn’t move much to start with.

If you are female you might want to experiment with squeezing his penis with your PC muscles.

Not only will you be able to feel him better, but the squeeze will generate lots of pleasant sensations throughout your vulva and vagina.

He says:

Woman on top with the woman lying full length on her man offers some interesting possibilities.

Her vagina will feel much tighter if she keeps her legs close together, perhaps keeping them between the man’s. This can be very exciting. And it’s a variation which is especially useful for couples where the man has a large penis.

By keeping her thighs together, the woman can not only control the depth of penetration so she remains comfortable, but she can also provide friction on the whole of her man’s penile shaft.

This is especially true if she lies on her back on the man’s chest.

Normally this would only afford shallow penetration, but for a woman whose partner is very well-endowed this position may be much more comfortable for sex than many more conventional ones.

Below, there is a selection of photographs of two couples enjoying some of the more unusual variations on the basic woman on top position.

Of course you may never wish to go beyond the basic woman on top position; but then again, you may relish the exploration and fun of finding out how all these variations feel.

Sex is such an individual thing – individual that is, to each couple!

What suits one couple won’t suit another, and the last thing we’d want to happen when you read this website is for you to somehow feel your sex life is inadequate because you’re not swinging from the chandeliers every night!

Sex that you both enjoy is good sex – and if you feel inspired to further fun when you’ve seen the lovemaking positions we show here, all well and good!

He says:

There’s a popular variation of woman on top called the “Reverse Cowgirl”, a position in which the woman faces away from her partner during sex.

Whether or not this is enjoyable depends chiefly on the angle of the man’s erection. If it’s hard and upright this position can be slightly uncomfortable as it tends to bend his penis down too far.

But, having said that, the sight of his penis penetrating his partner can be thrilling for a man.

Similarly, it can be very empowering for a woman to know that she has such sexual power over her man, and the ability to tease him as she chooses while she’s in complete control!

One of our readers said she thought the sex positions shown in the two photos above were rather “impersonal”. She suggested it lets him or her fantasize that they’re having sex with someone other than their actual partner.

That’s an interesting point: for some people, such fantasy is an enjoyable part of their sex lives.

For others, it’s almost like an act of betrayal to know their partner is thinking about someone else as they make love.

Even so, positions like this can be worth trying since they offer the excitement of new physical feelings and sensations.

But, as we’ve said before, sex in a loving relationship isn’t just a matter of physical pleasure.

The best sex happens when a couple feel intimately connected and feel loving and trusting towards one another, as well as aroused.

But getting the greatest physical pleasure can be important too; certainly the joy of being physically and emotionally open to a loving partner can be a very rewarding experience for both men and women.

Woman on top sex is very popular. In one survey we conducted, woman on top sex came out as women’s favorite. Men’s favorite, by the way, was rear entry with the woman kneeling.

Here’s a link to a blog/website with a very personal account of different ways to make love.

And here are some very helpful pieces of advice on getting what you want in all areas of life.

Woman on top summarized


He says:

A position that really adds spice to most people’s sex lives.

It can be empowering and fulfilling for a woman to feel she is leading and controlling the pace of lovemaking.

She can move her hips and pelvis very freely, which gives her the ability to make sure her clitoris gets enough stimulation against her partner’s penis or body to bring her to orgasm.

She can spin out their lovemaking by slowing down her movements so that while she has enough stimulation to keep her moving towards orgasm, her partner can enjoy the exquisite sensations as she moves slowly on his penis.

The man can relax and lie there, fondling her breasts, clitoris or body as he desires, and if he remains relaxed he won’t orgasm too quickly.

When the partners are ready to move to orgasm, she can rapidly increase the speed of her movements and bring them both off in a powerful orgasm.

To add even more variation, she can face either towards or away from her partner.


He says:

It’s hard to think of any!

She says:

Plenty of potential for carpet burns on your knees girls!

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